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Essential Oil Diffuser Christmas Tree Ornaments

These beautiful essential oil diffuser Christmas Tree Ornaments will make your fake tree smell like the real thing!
Prep Time1 hr
Drying Time3 d
Total Time3 d 1 hr
Course: Beginner
Cuisine: Essential Oil Clay Crafts
Keyword: christmas, clay diffuser, essential oil DIY


  • 1 Packet Air-Hardening Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Christmas-Themed Cookie Stamps
  • Christmas-Themed Cookie Cutters
  • A Drinking Straw
  • Ribbon, String or Twine
  • 10-20 Drops Essential Oils


  • Prepare a non-porous surface on which to roll out your air-hardening clay.  I like to use glass or plastic cutting boards.
  • Roll your clay out to about 4mm or 3/16” thick.  Imprint an image on your clay with a rubber or cookie stamp.  If necessary, wet both the clay and the cookie stamp with a finger dipped in water to stop them sticking to each other.  If your stamp leaves any unwanted wrinkles or tears in your clay then, again, a finger dipped in water can be used to smooth the surface of the clay.
  • Now position your cookie cutter in the desired location over your stamped image and cut out your ornament.
  • Smooth any frayed edges with a finger dipped in water or a pair of scissors.
  • Finally, take your drinking straw and poke a hole at the top of your ornament (for ribbon or string to be threaded through).
  • Put your ornaments aside to dry (refer to the instructions on your packet of clay to determine a suitable time frame for drying).
  • Once dry, thread your twine, ribbon or string through the hole and tie it off.
  • Soak your ornaments in 10-20 drops of essential oil in a covered bowl (not plastic) until all of the essential oil has been absorbed (if they are a gift, do this as close to the time of gifting as possible).
  • Hang them on your Christmas tree or place them in a small organza bag and gift to a teacher, friend or relative.


Wet clay can be grey in color, but it will whiten as it dries.