Rosie Pink Himalayan Bath Salt Cakes

Rosie Pink Himalayan Bath Salt Cakes

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away so now is the perfect time to drop some serious hints to Hubby and the kids about some gifts we essential oil-loving-Mummas would love to unwrap come the second Sunday in May.

So Dad, kids – this recipe is for you.

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Mums cherish home-made gifts and these rose-scented bath salt cakes are perfect because they are easy-peasy and just so pretty (and Dads, you can find the ingredients at the supermarket).  But what I love most about them is they are extremely versatile!

So kids, don’t forget to explain to mum that not only did you make these Rosie Pink Himalayan Salt Cakes, but also that she can use them to

soak and relax in a hot bath,

add them to a foot spa for a luxurious foot soak,

or even use as an exfoliating salt scrub!

Amazing right?

What you need

pink epsom salt cake ingredients

Makes approx 3 salt cakes


Add salts and sifted bi-carb to a non-plastic bowl and mix well. Add wet ingredients and stir until fully incorporated.  Your mixture should be damp but not so soggy that the salt starts to dissolve.

Place a cookie cutter on your paper-lined tray and fill it with the salt mixture. Pack it down level with the rim of the cookie cutter, then slowly and carefully lift the cookie cutter to reveal a formed salt cake.  If you shape starts to sag or melt it means your mixture is too moist. You can add more salt to the mixture to counteract this.  Continue until you run out of salt mixture.

Set your salt cakes aside to dry overnight, then flip them over to dry for another 12 hours.  Store them in a plastic zip-lock bag for scent longevity.  To give as a gift, place two salt cakes in a cellophane bag and tie off with a pretty ribbon.

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To use, drop two into a bath or one in a bucket or foot spa for a relaxing foot soak.  In the shower, add a few drops of carrier oil or body wash to the surface of the salt cake and then rub it over your skin to exfoliate.

And there you go, a beautiful gift for your beautiful Mum (don’t forget to give her a kiss and a cuddle too xx).

pink himalayan bath salt cakes collage

Turn it into a Make & Take

Why not use this recipe to do an essential oil make & take workshop? It’s a great opportunity to share the benefits of essential oils as well as to demonstrate fun ways for people to use them.

pink himalayan salt cakes essential oil make and take idea

Class talking points include the benefits of Rose essential oil (or any other oil you wish to use as a substitute), as well as the benefits of bath salts.  Give your class attendees some examples of how to use the salt cakes (eg bath, foot soak) and demonstrate how, with the addition of a carrier oil or body wash, the salt cakes can be used as salt scrub bars to exfoliate the skin.

Take the opportunity to hand out samples of the doTERRA body wash, and make sure you problem solve how your guests can get their bath salt cakes home while they are still wet.  Making them (and then transporting them) on a disposable plate lined with grease-proof paper will work perfectly.


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  1. Jessica

    How long does these last? When would they go bad?

    1. Samantha

      I still have some of these from the original batch I made nearly two years ago and they have not gone bad (ie grown moldy or fallen apart). As long as where you store them is cool and dry, and you keep them in a container or ziplock bag to preserve the scent, they can last about a year.

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