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Welcome to Essential Oil Creative

Here you will find recipes, crafts and hacks all with a common theme:  Essential Oils and how to best experience them.

Now you can create beautiful essential oil projects to impress your family, friends and customers.
birthday bath bombs
doterra bath salts in glass tubes
beautiful melt and pour soap bars
heart-shaped bath salt cakes stack

Hi! I'm Samantha

Hey there, I’m Samantha McCracken.  The recipes, crafts and hacks that fill these pages are all my own creations.

My love for essential oils developed when I started using them to support my two children who have special needs.

Samantha McCracken

I want to help you better experience the essential oils you love.

Plus I’ll be sharing lots of great ways YOU can share your favorite essential oils with others.

water bead essential oil diffuser
mini lip balms with bunny head caps
turn wooden craft boxes into essential oil diffuser
easter bath salt cakes

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